Conducting Business Activities with Integrity for All Stakeholders

Goals and KPIs

2030 Goal

Create an organization that practices our value of "stay true to our team, customers, and society," and provide an environment where each and every employee can take on the challenge of achieving our mission with peace of mind

(Important Actions to Achieving Goal)

  1. Create an organization in which all employees have correct knowledge and high awareness of compliance based on values and principles
  2. Create an organization that can respond quickly and appropriately to compliance issues when they arise
2024 Goal

Create a base to achieve our value of "stay true to our team, customers, and society"

(Important Actions to Achieving Goal)

  1. Regularly update guidelines such as "Code of Conduct" and "Internal Rules" and implement activities to spread them
  2. Provide regular education on compliance and other matters to all executives and employees
  3. Create an open organizational culture (including implementing regular external compliance surveys and developing/operating an internal reporting system)
2030 KPIs
  1. Number of compliance issues: 0/year (target: consolidated group)
  2. Number of whistleblowing cases (cases/year, monitoring indicator; target: consolidated group)
  3. Compliance training participation rate: Maintained at 100% by FY2024 (target: consolidated group)

Approach and System

Approach to Compliance

We believe that it is essential not only to comply with laws and regulations, but also to prioritize the interests of society and our stakeholders in order to continue creating value for society and achieve sustainable growth. Without such integrity, there will not be trust between colleagues on the same team, which will make it difficult to sustain superior performance. It will also become difficult to build strong relationships with our business partners.

For this reason, we have made "stay true to our team, customers, and society" one of our values. We strive to go beyond compliance to become an organization that stays true to all of our stakeholders.

Compliance Structure

We are committed to embodying our value of "stay true to our team, customers, and society" and implementing robust compliance management. To this end, the Board of Directors determines policies and establishes a compliance structure under the supervision of the CEO to ensure the legality of all executive and employee decisions and activities as well as to fulfill our social responsibilities. It also improves and reviews necessary activity plans and both deliberates and approves policies for addressing any issues that are found.
Furthermore, we have established a Compliance Committee, consisting of members approved by the Strategy Meeting, as a permanent committee that is independent of each department. This committee formulates and implements compliance activity plans, operates an internal whistleblowing system, conducts compliance training for all employees, and carries out other activities as designated by internal regulations. In the event that a compliance incident occurs, the committee handles matters such as coordinating between parties concerned and filing complaints at the request of the whistleblower, investigating complaints, and remedial measures for victims.

Compliance Structure Chart

Internal Whistleblowing System

We have implemented an internal whistleblowing system to prevent law and regulation violations, misconduct, and other issues, as well as to detect and respond to such violations at an early stage. The Compliance Committee, outside legal counsel, and outside labor consultants have been designated as points of contact, and all employees have been informed of the system. This system maintains whistleblower confidentiality and establishes regulations that protect the whistleblower and ensure they are not disadvantaged.

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