CEO's Message

Masaki Yamamoto

First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our shareholders for their continued support.

Thanks to the support of many individuals, in September 2019, Chatwork was listed on the Mothers section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange as the first Japanese company primarily operating a business chat service.

In accordance with our mission of "making work more fun and creative," we are aiming to achieve a society in which many people can have more fun and freely demonstrate their creativity during their working time in addition to earning a living.

I remember that in 2011, when Chatwork was originally released, the term "business chat" did not exist. However, with the spread of smartphones and the development of cloud environments, the business chat market is now firmly established and is attracting a substantial amount of attention as a central digital transformation (DX) tool.

The business chat market is a high-growth market with annual growth of about 30% and is expected to reach a size of approximately 23 billion yen in the fiscal year 2022*. We have pioneered the business chat market from its beginning and are proud that we have created a culture, with the largest base of users in Japan**. We feel honored to receive positive feedback from our users, such as "Chatwork has completely changed the way we work!" and "We cannot do our jobs without Chatwork any longer."

Our two strengths are its simple user interface and open platform format, which enables anyone to have seamless communication with different companies. Chatwork also allows the same account to be used for both internal and external communication.

These strengths have generated successful results in many unique cases. One architectural firm has achieved a significant level of efficiency through chat-based collaboration with it's business partners. One law firm has increased its client numbers nationwide by providing consultations exclusively through the use of Chatwork.

Our other strength is its community of users, which is steadily expanding due to the positive impact of its user network, which is enriched by their mutual use.

We have currently entered the era of COVID-19 crisis that nobody had imagined. The pandemic is causing fundamental changes in the way we work, resulting in a "new normal" that is centered on working from home. The business chat experience that we provide is precisely the type of communication tool needed for this new era and is generating major tailwinds for users in the current business environment.

We view business chat tools as infrastructure that supports our work. Furthermore, we aim to provide reliable services that offer stable quality; this is a major reason for why we decided to go public.

As we are a publicly listed company and commit to the public benefit, we pledge to achieve strong growth and become an essential, infrastructure-providing corporation that collectively supports the work of all people.

Making work more fun and creative,

Masaki Yamamoto

Chatwork Co., Ltd.

*"New Market of Software Business 2018" by Fuji Chimera Research Institute.
** According to a survey of monthly active users (MAUs) conducted in June 2020 by Nielsen NetView and Nielsen Mobile NetView; 44 applicable service selected by Chatwork Co., Ltd

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