About Us



Making work more fun and creative

The Internet's astonishing growth left us itching to launch our company in 2000, while still in college. The Internet would surely transform the world. Believing it can also bring great joy, we accepted new challenges with our partners.

The initial idea to make a company where we would want to work produced our mission to change work itself.

Since we spend much of our lives working, we want to make it fun and creative. This will make life more fulfilling.

We believe it can build a better world.



Empowering everyone to work a step ahead

We want to provide a better way to work for diverse people around the world, whether IT-savvy or not, regardless of their industry, age or gender. Rather than racing forward, we keep one step ahead, making it easy for anyone to join. That's how we can update working life worldwide.



Enjoy the challenge

Endeavor brings challenge. But even in tough times, a playful heart will produce new ideas. We can overcome together, while having fun.

Be agile, be adaptive

Today, changes in society and the market are accelerating. It's important to take action and learn quickly, not accepting the status quo. Always improving ourselves and our organizations.

Stay true to our team, customers, and society

Our mission is to change how we work. Through business, we will forge credible value, while respecting our team and customers. Let's build a better world.

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