Becoming a Trustworthy Brand and Enhancing Engagement

Goals and KPI

2030 Goal
Create sustainable social value via co-creation with stakeholders through philosophy-based brand communication
2024 Goal
Create a corporate brand that stakeholders support and choose
2030 KPI
Conduct survey on corporate brand recognition and reputation
(survey to be conducted in fiscal year 2023; KPIs to be set in the future)

Approach and System

Strategies to Enhance Brand-Based Engagement

We help advance DX in Japan with our corporate mission of "making work more fun and creative" and our corporate vision of "empowering everyone to work a step ahead."

However, we cannot achieve our mission and vision alone. We must co-create with our stakeholders in order to change everyone's daily work into something that is more exciting and inspiring.

To this end, we communicate ideas and activities related to our mission, vision, and values in a variety of ways so that our stakeholders can learn about and support them.

Brand Enhancement Structure

Our corporate branding is led by the BX Department of the People & Brand Division, which is responsible for brand experience, with our CEO at the top.

Chatwork's Main Initiatives

Internal Communication

We relocated our Tokyo office to "WeWork Hibiya Fort Tower" in March 2022. Since then, we have launched a new hybrid office-home-nationwide work style using WeWork*, and have updated our company-wide communication style accordingly.

We hold internal events such as the "Cha Kai" biannual company-wide general meeting for all executives and employees as well as the "Cha Shitsu" monthly meeting. At these meetings, we share our philosophy, goals, strategies, and other information while increasing employee satisfaction and engagement through open communication between all executives and employees. In addition, as we are in a phase of rapid organizational expansion, our CEO and other executives run monthly training for new hires to help them quickly understand the new culture and help fulfill our philosophy and strategies, thus making them the source of our competitive advantage.

*WeWork: Flexible offices with community-style workspaces

Main Internal Communication Initiatives

Culture Book

We publish and distribute a culture book to all employees in order to foster interest in Chatwork culture and promote self-reflection. The content is organized into booklets with sections such as "Introduction to Mission, Vision, and Values," "Quotes in Line with New Values," and "Interview with the President" in order to make each day at Chatwork more enjoyable, creative, and challenging.

We believe that each employee will embody our mission, vision, and values by using the culture book repeatedly and of their own volition in a variety of situations.

Culture Book Distributed to All Employees

Establishing and Visualizing Principles

We updated our values in December 2021. In order to put these values into practice, we also created a set of principle for each division that communicate these values in specific terms so that each employee can easily incorporate them into their actions.

These Principles are tailored to the roles and characteristics of each division. We believe that they will help us achieve a hybrid culture, which is the key to maximizing organizational strength and achieving discontinuous growth.

Principles by Division

Brand Movie - "Chatwork: Change, Start"

We created a brand movie to communicate the world we're aiming to achieve with Chatwork to all of our stakeholders. It expresses our desire to be a company that revitalizes business by guiding each individual's success with the power of technology.

We cannot convey the currently non-existent future that we wish to create with words alone. We want to share a touching story of how technology connects people and enriches their lives by improving business efficiency and labor productivity. We hope that by sharing this story, we will be able to take the first step toward co-creation with our various stakeholders.

Click here to watch our brand movie.

Chatwork Brand Movie

March 1: Chatwork Day

For the 11th anniversary of the release of Chatwork, our core service, we thought it would be a good idea to create a special day that connects our company with users, and therefore established "Chatwork Day." We hope that Chatwork Day is a day to express our gratitude to our users and think together with them about work, something that we spend over half of our lives doing.

In addition, we held the "Work a Step Ahead Support Campaign," where we awarded prizes via lottery to people who introduced examples of "a way to work a step ahead" that they wish to tackle. We received many examples and it was a good opportunity to think about the concept of working together with our users.

Click here to view the designated site.

Designated Chatwork Day Site

Chatwork Product Day Tech Conference

We hold "Chatwork Product Day" based on the concept of "learning about products, product creation, and the people who create products."

On Chatwork Product Day, people in all types of positions discuss Chatwork products from a variety of perspectives, including UX design, infrastructure development, product management, and product security. We candidly share our knowledge of how we have dealt with our products over the past year, including successes, failures, and challenges we are currently facing. We want to provide a place in this ever-changing world where people who are involved in product creation can gain many insights.

We believe that communicating information related to product development to the outside world will lead to co-creation with various stakeholders who come into contact with and support the development of our products.

Click here to view the designated site.

Designated Chatwork Product Day Site

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