Managing Energy and Addressing Climate Change

Goals toward Achieving the SDGs


Goals and KPIs

2030 Goal

Achieve virtually zero CO2 emissions from our Group's business activities by 2030

2024 Goal
Establish an environmental management structure and continuously reduce environmental impact of business activities
2030 KPIs
  1. Reduce CO2 emissions (Scopes 1 + 2) from Group business activities to net zero (t-CO2)
  2. Use 100% renewable energy for electricity consumption (Scope 2) in the Group's business activities

*Scope 3 to be considered and disclosed in the future

2024 KPIs
  1. Establish an environmental management structure
  2. Measure and disclose CO2 emissions (target: non-consolidated group)

Approach and System

Approach to Climate Change Issues

Global warming and the resulting climate change will not only have a significant impact on social and economic activities due to rising average temperatures, but it will also have irreversible effects on our lives, property, and society. These effects include health hazards such as heat stroke, abnormal weather such as droughts and lower crop yields, more severe natural disasters due to larger typhoons and rising sea levels, and impacts on natural ecosystems. These effects are already starting to become apparent.
Our Group provides cloud-based IT services, but we do not own our own cloud servers. Instead, we use cloud servers provided by Amazon Web Services, a company with excellent security, stability, and scalability. We also use "WeWork," flexible offices with community-style workspaces. This means that the majority of our Group's environmental impact comes from greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions generated by the power consumption of these cloud services and offices, and thus we too are affected by climate change issues.
We aim to provide users with green IT services that have no environmental impact and pass on a rich and precious global environment and stable climate to the next generation. To this end, we will gradually achieve and provide environmentally friendly green services, including decarbonized IT services.

Environmental Conservation System

We have established a system for climate change prevention and other environmental conservation activities, with the CEO Office, which reports directly to the CEO, as the main department in charge, and the CEO Office Manager, who is an executive, as the person responsible. We carry out environmental activities in cooperation with the Product and Corporate Divisions.

Chatwork's Main Initiatives

Future Activity Roadmap

We will establish an environmental management system to carry out environmental conservation activities by 2024 in order to achieve our 2030 goals. After establishing this system, we will measure and visualize our environmental performance so we can reduce our environmental impact step by step.
We will begin by reducing Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2 emissions to net zero as quickly as possible by 2030 through measures such as switching electricity used in our offices and other facilities to renewable energy sources.

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