Creating Human Resources Who Can Work in a Fun and Creative Way

Goals toward Achieving the SDGs


Goals and KPIs

2030 Goal
Create a working environment where each individual embodies our mission, vision, and values, leading to corporate growth and personal fulfillment
2024 Goal
Attract the best talent to drive our intermittent growth and create a work environment that accelerates personal growth and maximizes team performance
2030 KPIs
  1. Have ambassadors spread value awareness
  2. Conduct an engagement survey
    (engagement survey to be conducted in FY2023; KPIs to measure engagement status to be established in the future)

Approach and System

Basic Approach to Human Capital Management

Our mission is "making work more fun and creative." People spend over half their lives working, and that time should not be spent only to earn money. We want to create a society that enables as many people as possible to enjoy themselves and express their creativity fully. We believe that, in order to create such value, it is necessary to create an environment in which our employees, who are the drivers of value creation, can enjoy their work and express their creativity.

Therefore, we have respected the individuality of each and every employee since our founding, and have fostered a frank and open corporate culture. We are also working to further develop this culture and create an organization that is uniquely our own, centered on our mission, vision, and values.

We will focus on career and growth opportunities for our employees, and actively create opportunities for them to learn new technologies and skills, based on our belief that the growth of each employee will be the source of our dramatic growth going forward.
It is also important for employees to be able to work enthusiastically and in good physical and mental health in order to enjoy their work. As such, we have established internal systems that allow employees to choose flexible work styles that are not restricted by time or place depending on their individual life stages. This enables all employees to continue to enjoy their work creatively with peace of mind, and to achieve their own career goals, even when there are changes in their private lives and work styles such as raising children, providing nursing care, or dealing with an illness.
Through these efforts, we believe that we can maximize the value we create for society and achieve sustainable growth for our company by both attracting outstanding human resources who share our mission and business, and creating a work environment in which they can maximize their abilities and creativity.

Structure and Management

We have established a structure in which human resource functions are managed by the HRBP & TA Department*1, New Graduate Recruitment Department, PX Department*2, and Labor Relations Department within the People & Brand Division, headed by the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO).

*1 HRBP & TA Department: Human Resources Business Partner & Talent Acquisition Department, responsible for supporting business growth from both a human resources and business perspective and both acquiring and supporting the retention of excellent human resources after they join the company.
*2 PX Department: People Experience Department, responsible for improving employee experience and fostering culture within the organization.

Chatwork's Main Initiatives

We have implemented a variety of systems and frameworks to ensure that each and every employee can continue to work with a sense of fulfillment and growth regardless of their life stage. In addition, we regularly review and update our systems and frameworks.

Personnel Evaluation and Compensation System

We have implemented a mission grading system that defines and establishes the roles expected of each employee, regardless of position or age, in carrying out our business in order to achieve our mission and vision. This system clarifies the roles expected of each employee and encourages them to set clear goals and work toward their own personal growth based on these goals.

Chatwork Award System

We have established the "Chatwork Award" internal award system to celebrate the achievements of individuals, teams, and departments that have contributed to the business and organization. We have established awards such as "MVP," "Best Project Award," "CXO Award," "Rookie Award," and "Manager Award" to recognize individuals and organizations that have contributed to the business and organization from different perspectives. These awards raise motivation and productivity on an organizational level as they recognize the contributions of not only individuals, but also teams and departments.

Update of Chatwork's Values for Human Resource Training and Organizational Development

We established values that articulate the uniqueness of Chatwork in 2015. These values were reviewed in 2022 in order to further clarify values that should be emphasized in order to achieve our mission and vision.
During this review, we examined values from the perspectives of which Group values should be kept, removed, or added going forward through interviews with executives and employee workshops. We then created a new values concept based on this examination. As a result, we kept the values of "culture of helping each other," "openness," and "playfulness/humor" and added and integrated elements related to "taking on challenges without fear of failure," "speed," "embracing change," and "social responsibility" to create an updated value system consisting of three elements.

These new values are a place for each and every employee to return to as a basis for value judgment in their daily work regardless of changing external environments or management and business strategies. We believe that they will serve as both a guideline and driving force for all our employees and executives to achieve our mission and vision.

Three Key Values

Support System for Embodying Values

We have established a system to subsidize the costs necessary for employees to continue learning independently, including the cost of purchasing books, acquiring skills and qualifications, and attending in-house study sessions, in order to put our value of "be agile, be adaptive" into practice.

"Tipwork" Peer Bonus System Initiative Toward Improved Engagement

We have implemented a peer bonus system that allows employees to send each other messages of appreciation and praise as well as small rewards. This system is linked to Chatwork so that employees can easily send messages of appreciation and praise, even for the smallest of daily events. These messages are shared and displayed in a group chat that all employees have access to, promoting the communication of appreciation and praise. More than 1,000 peer bonuses are given every month, which has led to revitalized communication throughout the organization. In addition, sharing good initiatives within the organization becomes a reference for exemplary behavior and good results, leading to improved organizational strength and engagement.

Company-wide Evaluation Meetings Linking Management Strategy and Human Resource Development

We hold company-wide evaluation meetings every six months with all executives. In these meetings, directors and executives in charge of each division gather under the leadership of the Human Resources Department to review results from the past six months and discuss policies to support the medium- to long-term growth of employees in order to support each employee's growth and career development. Doing this enables us to determine what type of human resources are needed for the medium- to long-term growth of the entire company and each business. It also allows us to establish policies that support medium- to long-term growth related to the expansion of human capital and human resources development in a manner that is linked to the growth strategies of the company and each business. In doing so, we are able to provide specific growth opportunities for each employee.

One-on-One Meetings for Communication with Employees

We hold one-on-one meetings (30 minutes to 1 hour) between supervisors and employees once a week. These meetings help employees grow by building a relationship in which they can easily consult with their supervisors, resolve issues they are facing, and achieve their goals.
One-on-one meetings also play an important role in the fully remote work environment of each employee due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as it helps supervisors understand the mental and physical health of each employee.

Mentorship Employee Support System for Post-Hiring Onboarding

In addition to new employee training, we have established a mentorship system to help new employees become accustomed to their new work environment and enable them to perform well at an early stage. Under this system, existing employees take on the role of mentors and provide support for three months post-hiring to address the needs and issues that are necessary for new employees to hit the ground running, such as business understanding, unlearning, understanding the office culture, and building internal networks. By having existing employees who are not supervisors take on the role of mentor, we are able to create an environment in which new employees can feel free to ask for help with any problems or questions they may have.

Onboarding Support Mentorship system Support by a mentor for the first three months of employment

Work Environment and Work-Life Balance

We have created a work environment that allows employees to work regardless of time and location in order to help each and every employee to achieve work-life balance.
We have implemented a fully remote working system, with engineers working in various locations throughout Japan even before COVID-19. We have also introduced a flextime work system that isn't limited by position, allowing all employees to decide their working hours in accordance with their individual lifestyles and work styles, thereby ensuring efficient work styles.

In 2020, we implemented a fully remote working system for all employees to prevent the spread of COVID-19, allowing employees who had not previously worked remotely to experience working from home. As such, we updated our existing "latest device system*" to a "system to work a step ahead" to ensure that employees had the same comfortable working environment at home as in the office.
This system provides support for creating a home working environment by subsidizing the purchase of the latest devices as well as covering a portion of costs such as purchasing home goods required under the Industrial Safety and Health Act and moving to a new location. We are planning to update to a "working environment support system" from January 2023 that includes not only home working environment, but also support for the use of satellite offices, thereby enhancing our support for diverse work styles.
We will continue to enhance our human capital, which is the source of value creation, by creating a comfortable work environment that matches the diverse values, lifestyles, and work styles of all of our employees in order to achieve a way to work a step ahead.

*Latest device system: A system that partially covers the cost of purchasing the latest devices required for development, such as iPhones, Android phones, and the latest PCs

Work-Life Balance Systems and Usage Results

System Overview Usage Results
*As of Dec. 31, 2022
Flextime work system that isn't limited by position A system that allows employees to decide their own start and end times and working hours so they can work efficiently while maintaining harmony between their lives and work
*Core time: 10:00 - 16:00
All employees (full-time only)
A system to work a step ahead (Current: Working environment support system) The company covers a portion of costs associated with improving home working environments 1,541 uses/year

Occupational Health and Safety

We hold a Health Committee meeting once a month to improve the day-to-day work environment with the aim of achieving an environment where employees can work safely and with peace of mind in good physical and mental health.

We place particular emphasis on self-management through alerts aimed at managing working hours, including the prevention of overly long working hours. We provide awareness and support to encourage employees to work within their allotted working hours. This includes dividing the attendance period into two periods per month, checking working hours at the half-month mark and encouraging employees to adjust their working hours in the latter half of the month, as well as conducting interviews with employees who exceed a certain amount of overtime hours.

We have also established a system that automatically notifies employees who have not taken their legally required five days of annual paid leave per year or received their yearly medical checkups by linking the management system with Chatwork. This system makes employees more aware of the importance of working hour and health management through regular monitoring and notifications, as well as supports the regular taking of paid leave.

Other Data Related to Human Capital

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